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Peter McGill District • Montreal, Quebec

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Fostering the growth and consciousness of the community at large on a Social, Cultural and Educational basis, the Peter McGill District provides an enriching environment dedicated to the ‘quality of life’ of the citizens and for all who visit for a memorable experience.

Dedicated to promoting educational and cultural interests,  within the area lies two historic areas namely,  ‘Quartier du Musée’ and the ‘Golden Square Mile’.

The history of the area is predominantly related to the growth of the area due English business community moving from the Old Port of Montreal at the turn of the Century and building in what today is known as the Golden Square Mile of Montreal.

The area features prominent Architectural, Cultural and Religious buildings featuring architecture from various periods dating from the turn of the Century.

McGill and Concordia University’s, the McCord and Montreal Museum of Fine Arts as well as various Art Galleries, Bistros and Boutiques can be found within the area.

The institutions features outgoing programming and exhibitions and lecture series and continuing education programs, reflecting an encompassing interest for all ages.

The integration of the green spaces and parks are integrated in the PPU – Projet particular of Design within the Ville Marie area, and bicycle paths now are found stretching from Quartier du Spectacle, along De Maisonnuve Blvd., and align with Concordia University downtown.  The cycling path, inaugurated lately encourages cycling from the downtown and link directly with Westmount Park, encouraging citizen well being.



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