New for 2023 Historic Places Days

Historic Places Days continues to evolve year after year to foster an event that is inclusive, diverse, welcoming, and accessible. In 2023, we are thrilled to introduce several new features and initiatives aimed at enhancing the experience for both registering sites and attendees.

All Places Map

The new All Places map consolidates all participating Historic Places Days locations in one convenient place. This interactive map enables you to explore various historic places seamlessly, while also simplifying the process of discovering hidden gems in remote areas, ensuring sites are now more accessible than ever before.

Diversity and Inclusion Resource Kit

In addition to the Social Media and Promotions tool kit, sites will now be provided with a Diversity and Inclusion Resource kit which includes valuable resources such as guiding questions, webinars for pertinent topics (including “Building Communities” and “Public Engagement”), best practices, learning resources, and more.

A Visitor’s Guide to Rethinking Historic Places

Historic Places Days will include a newly developed guide to rethinking historic places that encourages participants to reflect on their role as visitor. A series of questions and resources will encourage reflection and dialogue around the deeper history of the land, visibility of certain voices, and the purpose of one’s visit.

Incorporating Queer Histories

Historic Places Days programming will also include registration of historic places significant to Queer communities across Canada. In collaboration with Queer researchers and organizations, this year will include visit lists that highlight Queer histories of resistance, celebration, and community.

Multicultural Historic Places of Faith

We encourage multicultural/multifaith communities nationwide to register diverse historic places of faith for Historic Places Days to bring awareness this year to the role they have played in enriching Canada’s story.

Geocaching and Registering “Invisible” Histories

In 2022, geocaching was introduced as a new element of Historic Places Days, and its exploration will continue in 2023. This valuable addition has opened up a world of possibilities for diversifying narratives and encouraged a reevaluation of the conventional concept of “place.” By incorporating geocaching, participants have been able to expand the breadth of stories, and offer a distinctive method to exploring alternative historical sites. Check out this existing Geocache VisitList as an example!

To register a geocache site, please send us an email at to set up the specific coordinates.