Stephen’s Churches and Memories

Heritage has always been a part of my life. Living on the Trent-Severn River and the Rideau River with the old locks is a constant for me. Growing up in Trenton, I remember when the Town Hall was the police station and getting a tour as a kid. Living near Peterborough, the Lift Lock and Lang Pioneer village are great places to visit with my own family. I learned how to Blacksmith from the master blacksmith at Upper Canada Village years ago and that started me on my professional heritage path. As the Building Manager for Faith & the Common Good, I have had the deep pleasure of seeing some of the most beautiful and magnificent faith community buildings in Canada. Sharon Temple was the first faith community building I saw that I pulled the car over to have a look, as it was so incredible! St Paul’s has an amzing view inside their stone steeple as well! These buildings define us as a culture and fill us with memories of a lifetime.


Road Map

Peterborough, Ontario to Morrisburg, Ontario

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