Southern Ontario

Check out these amazing places to visit. So many things to see so close to home. The shores of Lake Huron provide many great views, beaches and places to explore. There are many lighthouses that you can visit and take a selfie with. The sunsets are incredible and you should ask residents of Goderich how you can see the sun set twice.  The Huron County Museum is a neat place to step back in time and visit years gone by. The best selfie spot in the museum is with the big, black locomotive which is reminiscent of the Harry Potter movies. Be sure to pick up the Ontario’s West Coast travel guide at local businesses or tourist info booths.


Road Map

Petrolia, Ontario to St. Thomas, Ontario

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Fort Edmonton Park

Edmonton, Alberta 1 place
Your Story Fits at Fort Edmonton Park
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Explore Doukhobor Culture!

Castlegar, British Columbia to Leask, Saskatchewan 3 places
Experience traditional Doukhobor village life, and try some Doukhobor food!
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The Hidden Black Cityscape

Saint Marys Parish to Fredericton, New Brunswick 6 places
Explore Fredericton’s early Black history. Often missing from the modern cityscape.
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Blacks of the Lower Saint John River Valley

St. Andrews, New Brunswick to Beaver Harbour, New Brunswick 2 places
In 1792 Black Loyalist started arriving in large numbers, but Blacks had been here before.
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