Historic Houses of the GTA

Explore trails & gardens while you experience the GTA’s past through its historic homes, inns and grand residences. Looking for a staycation tour list? This #VisitList is filled with a weekend worth of exploration!

Step into 1867 at Black Creek Villiage, an immersive historical site. Explore a log house in Brampton. Tour a cottage & view Toronto of the past through the watercolour art at Colborne Lodge. Marvel at the early 1900’s architecture of Adamson Estate. Enjoy the gardens and trails surrounding Montgomery ‘s Inn. Learn about Mississauga heritage at The Grange.

Discover. Learn. Stroll. Relax.




Road Map

Brampton, Ontario to Toronto, Ontario

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Fort Edmonton Park

Edmonton, Alberta 1 place
Your Story Fits at Fort Edmonton Park
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Explore Doukhobor Culture!

Castlegar, British Columbia to Leask, Saskatchewan 3 places
Experience traditional Doukhobor village life, and try some Doukhobor food!
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The Hidden Black Cityscape

Saint Marys Parish to Fredericton, New Brunswick 6 places
Explore Fredericton’s early Black history. Often missing from the modern cityscape.
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Blacks of the Lower Saint John River Valley

St. Andrews, New Brunswick to Beaver Harbour, New Brunswick 2 places
In 1792 Black Loyalist started arriving in large numbers, but Blacks had been here before.
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