Frequencies of the Land: an Ancestral Invitation to meet the Land where it is in space and time

We are now living in a world of endless information about the cosmos. New hi-res photography of the distant universe is shared with the public every year. With so much data at our disposal, we must confirm that like the universe, our perception of all things “reality,” philosophy, art and technology must be calibrated to our current position in said cosmos. We move through the space-time continuum at a copious rate of 67,000 Mph, so the need to feel “grounded” is often underestimated.

I often speak about the “Frequencies of the Land” during public speaking engagements, so what are these “frequencies” anyways? Our human perception of light, love and the laws of nature is limited to the context of the history of the human experience. Our naked eye can only see a sliver of the electromagnetic spectrum, this is a common example of the fact that we don’t even know what we don’t even know.

Since time immemorial, our ancestors have been translating the frequencies of the Land, which are manifest as song, dance, ceremony, and regalia. When you hear an Indigenous Language, you are hearing the Land speak through the people of the Land, I am going to recommend six very special places that have the UNESCO World Heritage Site designation. Here are my reflections on each locale.

I can tell you it has taken over twenty thousand years for Indigenous people to translate and personify the frequencies of these ancient Lands, it’s time to celebrate these places with the sophistication of an Indigenous worldview. My personal experiences at these powerful places are something I hope to share with my grandchildren someday. Please enjoy your visit.


Cowboy Smithx is an acclaimed filmmaker of Blackfoot Ancestry from the Piikani and Kainai tribes of Southern Alberta, Canada. Cowboy is the founder and curator of the International Indigenous speaker series “REDx Talks.” He also serves as the president and CEO of the Avatriix Company, a social enterprise dedicated to building community through the arts, culture, environmental awareness and improving overall mental health.

Cowboy writes, directs and produces film works in documentary, narrative, music video and experimental. He is currently working in Indigenous education, Cultural consultation and Youth work across the globe. Cowboy is also the founder of the Noirfoot School for Cinematic Arts and the Elk Shadows Performing Arts Clan.


Rocky Mountain Parks

The Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks are home to several portals, vortexes, and vision quest sites that have been activated by Indigenous Peoples for tens of thousands of years. The mesmerizing beauty is only a fraction of what you will experience when you visit Banff, Jasper, Yoho or Kootenay National Parks. Once you’ve made a spiritual connection in this corridor of inter-dimensional wonder, please feel free to leave a small tobacco offering to the nearest mountain or a lock of your hair. Visiting these places should be a practice in reciprocity not extraction. These copacetic mountain ranges have played the role of muse throughout the duration of my career as an interdisciplinary artist. I hope you find inspiration when you visit.


Road Map

Alberta to Aden, AB

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