Discovering history in Canada really is a moving target

Consider, among many, these examples: a seemingly-typical residential Toronto neighborhood with a mystery past of factories, air travel and early automobiles; a patch of land thousands of kilometres from here where tragedy and triumph inter-mingle in fact and memory; a tiny community in our Far North where Inuit people have carved out a living for more than 1,000 years – and created internationally-acclaimed art in the process. Wherever and whatever we find, it’s all there waiting for us – along with the lessons each of those places can teach.


Road Map

Toronto, Ontario to Cape Dorset, Nunavut

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PCHC-MoM Society

Vancouver, British Columbia to Abbotsford, British Columbia 4 places
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「萬千聲音眾志一心」Global Canto Opera Song Writing Contest & 2-day Marathon Concert Series

Vancouver, British Columbia to Calgary, Alberta 2 places
「萬千聲音 眾志一心」2022 粤曲慈善演唱會 暨第三屆全球粵曲創作
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