Atlantic Canada’s Hidden Histories

Shelburne, Nova Scotia to Central North River, Nova Scotia 43 places
geocaches that demonstrate the rich, diverse histories of Atlantic Canada.
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King Seaman Church

River Hebert, Nova Scotia 1 place
Our historic church was built by an famous entrepreneur Amos King Seaman in 1840
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Church of St. John the Evangelist

Montréal, Québec
The Church of St. John the Evangelist is an Anglican Church in the Diocese of Montreal.
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Afro-Nova Scotia

Halifax, Nova Scotia to Middle Sackville, Nova Scotia 9 places
The geography of Black urban Halifax and Windsor encompassing the waves of Black migration
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Emmanuel Baptist Church

Upper Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia
Early Black Refugee Church built in Hammonds Plains by Rev. John Burton in 1822.
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Saint Thomas Baptist Church

North Preston, Nova Scotia
Canada’s Largest Black Community
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The Hidden Black Cityscape

Saint Marys Parish to New Brunswick 15 places
Explore Fredericton’s early Black history. Often missing from the modern cityscape.
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“Africadia”: Black Loyalists and Beyond

Nova Scotia to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia 11 places
Explore more than two and a half centuries of Black presence.
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Places of Worship in Wildwood, Alberta

Wildwood, Alberta 4 places
Explore places of worship in Wildwood, AB that are a testament to the diverse population.
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Montreal – A Celebration of History 1642-2023

Montréal, Québec 12 places
Celebrate over 375 years of History 1642-2020
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