What I dream of

my list is a celebration of what I love about Canada. The wide expanse, varied geography and the history that contributed to this country’s democratic freedoms.

My personal history includes a grandfather who spent the early 1920’s exploring the far north for the Geological Survey of Canada. He kept journals which my family could share in his experience. My mum travelled to follow in his footsteps meeting descendants who remembered my grandfather where they had preserved the cabin he built which he returned to annually.

I feel connected to the history of our north.


Road Map

Banff, Alberta to Alberta

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50 Great Saves: The Heritage Railway Stations Protection Act

Duncan, British Columbia to McAdam, New Brunswick 10 places
In 1990, the Heritage Railway Stations Protection Act came into effect after years of lobbying with the help of the National Trust for Canada. The act has granted over 150 railway stations federal legal protection across the country including the Duncan train station in Duncan, BC and the McAdam Railway Station in McAdam, New Brunswick.
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Atlantic Canada’s Hidden Histories

Shelburne, Nova Scotia to Middle Sackville, Nova Scotia 35 places
geocaches that demonstrate the rich, diverse histories of Atlantic Canada.
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Afro-Nova Scotia

Halifax, Nova Scotia to Middle Sackville, Nova Scotia 9 places
The geography of Black urban Halifax and Windsor encompassing the waves of Black migration
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The Hidden Black Cityscape

Saint Marys Parish to New Brunswick 15 places
Explore Fredericton’s early Black history. Often missing from the modern cityscape.
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