Wandering Whimzy

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved exploring historic sites and off the beaten path locations. My family and I enjoy returning to favourite places each year but also relish the research and planning that go into a journey to a brand new destination. In my younger years, I often traveled alone and now try to share my past experiences with my husband and children as we return to places I haven’t seen for decades, but with different eyes. Whether we are across the country or in our own neighbourhood, adventure awaits!


Road Map

Victoria, British Columbia to Saint Lunaire-Griquet, Newfoundland and Labrador

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ReCollections: Places featured in Parks Canada’s New Podcast

Saint Lunaire-Griquet, Newfoundland and Labrador to Nova Scotia 5 places
Discover compelling stories of people, places, and events told in Parks Canada’s new history and archaeology podcast “ReCollections.”
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Mayor Gondek Commemorating the 100-Year Anniversary of the Chinese Exclusion Act

Calgary, Alberta 1 place
We Remember 加拿大《華人移民法》壹百周年紀念
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街頭藝術 Artwalk: Utility Box Stories meet Chinatown and 和園 Harmony Park

Calgary, Alberta 1 place
🗺 Check out the map for the Artwalk tour
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《文化 & 親屬》Culture & Kin: Exhibition Opening and Artist Panel. Season 4 of Unravelling Complex Stories

Calgary, Alberta 2 places
🎧…delves into the reality of our histories and the questions that emerge from it
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