The Acadian Story

The Acadian story can be explored along the Fundy Basin coast as you explore several national historic sites including Fort Anne, Port-Royal, Fort Edward, and Grand-Pré.

In 1636, Charles de Menou D’Aulney having assumed command of Acadie, moved his base from LaHave to Port-Royal (today’s Annapolis Royal). The French settlers established a long-lasting alliance with the Mi’kmaq. They developed salt-marsh farming by creating a unique dyke system. Eventually, the people of Acadie developed an identity independent of France – they became Acadien. In the 1670s, they established settlements in the Chignecto region and in the 1680s at Grand Pré, Pisiquid, Cobequid, and other locations.

Port-Royal was the military centre and seat of government for Acadie. Typically, whenever war broke out between England & France, the Acadiens remained neutral. In 1710, at the final capture of Port-Royal, Acadie became the British territory of Nova and the capital renamed Annapolis Royal.  The matter of oaths was complex and was the central issue in the strained relationship between the British and the Acadians. In 1755, with war looming between France and Britain, the Acadians refused twice to swear to an unconditional oath of allegiance. The acting governor issues the deportation order. Buildings were burned, animals and crops seized. Between 12,000 and 14,000 Acadians were rounded up and crowded onto transport ships and deported to other British colonies. The Deportation lasted eight years and upon their return, they were forced to settle in scattered, marginal areas away from the fertile lands they had once farmed.

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Road Map

Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia to Grand Pré, Nova Scotia

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