Natalie’s New Brunswick

Almost everyone knows that I’m a proud New Brunswicker – even if I have been an ex-pat for many years. I was raised in the Saint John River Valley, on the banks of the mighty river that we have more recently come to know as the Wolastoq – “the beautiful and bountiful river” that runs through the traditional unceded territory of the Wolastoqiyik. Growing up here, I didn’t hear very much about First Nations history, and it’s been exciting and humbling in recent years to meet Wolastoqiyik and Mik’maq people who are working to revive Indigenous languages and ways of life. If you attended the National Trust’s Fredericton conference in 2018, you got to hear Polaris prize winner Jeremy Dutcher’s thrilling interpretation of traditional Wolastoq songs from 1907 wax cylinder recordings that he found in the archives. His first album, Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa is on steady rotation in my New Brunswick PlayList. It’s great accompaniment to my VisitList, which starts on the river at Kings Landing.

I hope my New Brunswick VisitList inspires you to check out more historic places virtually here at – and out there in the real world too!


Road Map

Prince William, New Brunswick to Miramichi, New Brunswick

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