4 Black Canadian Historical Sites To Visit

We are currently experiencing one of the greatest shifts with growing calls for equality. International movements and protests for liberation emphasize the importance of peeling back the layers of Canadian history to envision a future of unity. Black Canadian history has either been trivialized, erased or romanticized.

That’s why the team at ByBlacks.com is so persistent about uncovering Black Canadian history with our #BlackHistory365 social media campaign, which tells one Black Canadian historical micro-story every single day of the year.

Our VisitList encompasses sites that have preserved Black Canadian experiences and contributions within the country, from the museums in Africville and Amber Valley bringing to life the spirit of erased communities, to Amherstburg Freedom and Buxton National Historic Site museum’s recounting the lived experiences of those fleeing bondage to seek asylum in Canada. The courage we seek today can be derived from re-living the stories and honoring the legacy of Black Canadians from the past, and remembering that while freedom from slavery awaited many on the Canadian side of the border, their future was often shrouded by racism and state violence.

ByBlacks.com is Canada’s largest online magazine for Black Canadians. Co-founded by Roger and Camille Dundas in 2013, the magazine has featured hundreds of Black Canadian success stories in numerous fields. The company’s robust Black History 365 social media campaign is the premiere digital space dedicated to telling one Black Canadian history micro-story every single day of the year.


Road Map

Halifax, Nova Scotia to Merlin, Ontario

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