Historic Parks of Montreal and Quebec

Historic Parks of Montreal and Quebec

The Landscaping Movement
At the turn of the century there was a concern for aesthetics and Urban Planning; this inspired by the ‘City Beautiful – Garden City Movement’ in Britain, and the ‘Urban Park’ movement in North America.

A concern for ‘public health’ inspired the planning of wide tree lined streets, the conservation of the natural environment and that recreation places be incorporated in the urban environment.

The PQAA-Province of Quebec Association of Architects founded in 1890, served as a platform promoting the urgent need for urban reform. They voted that there be Municipal governments to approve City Plans. In 1906, the PQAA set up the Civic Improvement Committee that met with the Superintendent of Parks, responsible for ‘open-space’ creation.

Frederick Todd and Rickson Outhet were both members of the municipal improvement committee. The PQAA named Rickson Outhet, first Canadian born ‘native’, Landscape Architect who trained in Olmsted’s office. Olmsted opted that 5% of land be dedicated to open space creation and that a recreation center be placed within a quarter mile of every home.

Montreal Greenbelt
The Greater Montreal Area is home to part of Quebec’s richest biodiversity, agricultural land and endangered species. The Urban Sprawl in the immediate area has led to the loss of one third of Quebec Wetlands, Woods and Agricultural land.
In 2011 the David Suzuki Foundation launched the Greenbelt campaign which was recognized by the Metropolitan Community of Montreal and received funding from the Quebec government. The movement also founded the Greenbelt Coalition, a movement dedicated to protecting natural habitat in the Montreal area.

Though this initiative, the Montreal Metropolitan Community has created a Greenbelt Master Plan; ‘The Green & Blue Plan of Greater Montreal’, with the vision of protecting green spaces including the forests and green corridors, the wetlands, rivers and the landscape and built heritage. A primary consideration has been given to creating Historic Parks around the historic streams and rivers. Noted protected areas are ‘nature-parks’, eight in total including Cap-Saint-Jacques, Bois de I’ile Bizard and Pointe aux Praries.

The City of Montreal has over 4470 hectares of Green spaces & Parks. Of historic significance are Mount Royal Park (692 acres), Montreal Botanical Gardens(190 acres), Lafontaine Park(84acres), Dominion Square Park-Place du Canada (5 acres) and Westmount Park (30 acres).

On the website of the Garden Route of Canada, one can find all the listings for Parks Canada Gardens, Heritage Gardens and the Garden Route of Canada.

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