Windsor Station – National Historic Site of Canada, 1975

Montréal, Québec
Windsor Station built between 1888-1924 for the Canadian Pacific Railway.
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Ville St. Laurent • An Exploration of History

Montréal, Québec 3 places
An exploration of the History related to the St. Croix Village ( St. Laurent Village).
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Birks Building – Maison Birks, Montreal

Montréal, Québec
Designer, manufacturer and retailer of jewellery, timepieces, silverware and gifts.
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Travel from post to post!

Duhamel-Ouest, Québec to Langley, British Columbia 4 places
Visit former fur trade posts that are national historic sites administered Parks Canada.
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St. Albert Grain Elevator Park

St. Albert, Alberta
Go back in time and discover how grain was moved across the prairies
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Industrial history of Alberta

Turner Valley, Alberta 1 place
A monumental aqueduct and Alberta’s first major oil discovery represented here.
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Kingston Museums

Kingston, ON to Kingston, Ontario 7 places
As the museum capital of Canada, Kingston is the perfect place to go museum hopping!
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Watson’s Mill

Ottawa, Ontario
A functioning water powered flour mill built in the 1860s.
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Kingston Dry Dock

Kingston, Ontario
This is a designated national historic site owned by the Marine Museum of the Great Lakes.
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More Than a Mine – Recreation in a Mining Town

1 place
Our new life-sized time capsule shows how Britannia residents enjoyed recreational times!
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