The Journey of Nancy, and her son Lidge

Fredericton, New Brunswick
Nancy and Lidge fled enslavement launching a canoe from the mouth of the Nashwaaksis.
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David George and his Baptist Church

Shelburne, Nova Scotia
The Birthplace of the Black Baptist Church in Canada along the banks of Blacks Brook.
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The Gordon House

Prince William, New Brunswick
The Gordon house is one of several structures on the King’s Landing site to depict Blacks.
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Bucket List for 2022

Amherst, Nova Scotia 1 place
Travelling close to home this year and searching for incredible places and stories.
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St. Anne’s Chapel of Ease

Fredericton, New Brunswick
St. Anne’s Chapel of Ease known for it’s remarkable architecture and Willie O’Ree.
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The Hidden Black Cityscape

Saint Marys Parish to Fredericton, New Brunswick 6 places
Explore Fredericton’s early Black history. Often missing from the modern cityscape.
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Poor House, Saint Andrews

St. Andrews, New Brunswick
The old poor house, “Slab Town” and Saint Andrew’s Black Community.
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Africville Baptist Church

Halifax, Nova Scotia
Site of the former Black community of Africville.
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“Africadia”: Black Loyalists and Beyond

Nova Scotia to Halifax, Nova Scotia 11 places
Explore more than two and a half centuries of Black presence.
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Marybelle: The Last Black Servant in Louis Head

Nova Scotia
Black Loyalists from Queens County took up employment to boat builders and sea captains.
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