Visit Québec’s Historic Places with Canoo

Très-Saint-Sacrement, Québec to Québec, Québec 10 places
Among countless experiences, Canoo users can take advantage of free admission to many of the sites participating in Historic Places Days. Discover some of these sites within the province of Québec through the list below and start planning your visits today!
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Visiting with Via: The Québec City Train Station and Nearby Historic Places

Québec, Québec to Lévis, Québec 10 places
Via rail travelers stopping in Québec City will arrive at the Gare du Palais, Québec City’s historic train station. Located in Lower Town, the station is less than a 10 minute walk from some of the city’s most famous historic places. 
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Mon oasis de paix : Un Canada à découvrir

Québec, Québec to Compton, Québec 3 places
Histoire, art, culture : découvrez le Canada dans les yeux d’une jeune artiste!
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Cultural UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Canada

Fort MacLeod, Alberta to British Columbia 9 places
Visit historic places located near all of Canada’s Cultural UNESCO World Heritage sites.
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