Molly’s Must-See List – Atlantic Provinces Edition (Part Two!)

to Lunenburg, Nova Scotia 3 places
Fuel up the car, you’re going on a road trip!
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A VisitList through the heart of Acadie

Miramichi, New Brunswick to Grand Pré, Nova Scotia 6 places
Here’s a VisitList through the heart of Acadie!
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Exploring Our Own Backyard

Chester, Nova Scotia to Whitehorse, Yukon 20 places
Interesting sites around Canada!
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Atlantic Canada

Miramichi, New Brunswick to Louisbourg 3 places
Best historic places in Atlantic canada
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Across Canada

Miramichi, New Brunswick 1 place
I’ve always wanted to visit every province and territory in Canada.
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Redicovering My Roots on the Miramichi and Beyond

Miramichi, New Brunswick to Halifax, Nova Scotia 4 places
Because geneology is cool!
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Natalie’s New Brunswick

Prince William, New Brunswick to Miramichi, New Brunswick 5 places
My favourite historic places in New Brunswick.
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