Canso Islands National Historic Site

Canso, Nova Scotia
Discover an 18th century landscape in beautiful coastal setting.
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Grand-Pré National Historic Site

Grand Pré, Nova Scotia
Discover powerful Acadian stories within a picturesque landscape. Successes and struggles
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Gitwangak Battle Hill National Historic Site

Kitwanga, British Columbia
Gitwangak people defended their domain in the mid-1700s to 1800s.
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Georges Island National Historic Site

Halifax, Nova Scotia
Visit Georges Island and take in the views of Halifax while exploring Fort Charlotte.
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Frog Lake National Historic Site

Frog Lake, Alberta
National Historic Site of Canada
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Frenchman Butte National Historic Site

Frenchman Butte, Saskatchewan
Plains Cree engaged in battle with Canadian Militia troops.
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Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site

Nova Scotia
Chat with locals, explore exhibits and watch cultural and military demonstrations.
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Fortifications of Québec National Historic Site

Québec, Québec
The Fortifications is a reminder of the richness of the city’s military past.
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Fort Wellington National Historic Site

Prescott, Ontario
Fort used as defense against the U.S. during the conflicts of 1812 and 1837-38.
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Fort Walsh National Historic Site

Consul, Saskatchewan
Visit the First Nations camp
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