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Graphic Posters for 2024

Printable Poster 8.5” x 11” – 2024

Historic Places Days – 6 versions

Digital Posters (JPG) 8.5″x 11” – 2024

Historic Places Days – 6 versions

Poster Templates 8.5″x 11” – 2024

Historic Places Days – 6 versions – Customizable templates on Canva


Social Media and Promotion

Historic Places Days Promotion and Social Media Toolkit – 2024

The purpose of this tool kit is to help participating sites engaging with all Historic Places Days participants: other historic sites, visiting members of the public, and those exploring Historic Places Days virtually, throughout the duration of the event.

Historic Places Days Promotion and Social Media Graphics – 2024

As part of our toolkit, we have supplied you with several promotional graphics ready to upload directly to social media included in a Google Drive folder here.

Historic Places Days Customizable Social Media Templates – 2024

If you would like personalized graphics for your site’s special events or promotion, you can access our templates on Canva

Historic Places Days Promotional Video

Video created for Parks Canada as promotion for Historic Places Days 2024.

Webinar – Historic Places Days 2023: Get involved and boost awareness for your historic places – Session #1 

Find out how Historic Places Days can boost attendance and awareness of historic places in your province/territory/city. Plan for your 2024 summer season by joining us to hear the latest about Historic Places Days 2024 running from July 10th – 17th. Find out the latest about this visitation/awareness program that reaches 2.4 million Canadians, now in its eighth year.

Webinar – Digital Storytelling: Unfolding the Narrative 

This webinar will focus on various ways digital stories may be told and the tools available to assist in realizing these goals. Guest speakers Kate Graham, Peter Coffman and Gonzalo Munoz-Vera will provide some tips and insight as to how digital stories can come to life.

Additional Resources

Diversity and Inclusion in Historic Places: Resource Kit

This kit introduces key concepts and addresses some of the unique challenges and opportunities for operators, interpreters, and guides at historic places. It includes valuable resources such as webinars for pertinent topics, best practices, learning resources, and more 


Photo/Video Contest – 2024

This year, the National Trust for Canada is hosting another photo contest and giving away a total of $3000, and over $10,000 in prizes for visitors in support of Historic Places Days.